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A favorite among top New York chefs, caviar from Israel comes from the pristine waters of Dan Springs, which flows from the snow pack of Mount Hermon, through the Jordan River and into ponds stocked with 100 percent pure wild Russian sturgeon. The springs flow back through the Sea of Galilee, which gives this treasured delicacy its namesake. At Khavyar, you’ll find the exquisite Osetra Galilee Prime Caviar, a preferred choice over other imported roes in the world of haute cuisine.

Caviar From Israel

Considered one of the finest farm-raised caviar available, Israeli osetra caviar is known for its rich, buttery flavors and hints of fresh sea air. Its medium-sized pearls have a firm texture and a clean, crisp finish, which is a sign of high quality fish roe. Israeli caviar is also savored for its firm texture and rich colored medium-sized pearls. Its complex profile and superior quality is a result of the sturgeon being farmed in mountain spring water and fed an all-natural diet of plants and proteins that are specifically formulated to produce healthy fish and spectacular roe.

Israeli caviar from sustainable fish farms is now a major global export. On the forefront of the Israel caviar industry was Kibbutz Dan, which began in the early 90’s using Russian sturgeon for broodstock.   As overfishing and the destruction of natural resources escalated, spawning habitats pushed the wild sturgeon to near extinction, CITES banned global exports on wild caught fish from the Caspian and Black seas in 2006. This game-changing event helped promulgate Israeli caviar from sustainable fish farms as a viable alternative to Russian and Iranian roe.

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Peruse our Israeli caviar and discover why Executive Chefs like Jean-Francois Bruel use this variety almost exclusively.

To get the most out of your caviar experience, treat it like a fine wine and serve it with Mother of Pearl spoons.  Many enthusiasts consider this the only way to serve caviar.  Most connoisseurs will insist that you never serve caviar with silver or metal as it tarnishes or affects the taste.  We suggest using bone or glass spoons, but recommend Mother of Pearl.

When it comes to premium quality Israeli caviar, begin by keeping it simple; combine it with blinis, the mini pancakes that serve as the vessel for these luxurious tapioca pearls of the sea. Savor the taste of the caviar first.  Then, add a dollop of crème fraiche to round out the decadent flavors and be amazed at the delicate pearls bursting in your mouth. Champagne and sparkling wine are delightful pairings because it adds a hint of sweetness to the pleasantly briny notes of roe. The bubbles also help cleanse the palate in between sumptuous and indulgent bites.

Order online at Khavyar and choose from a varied collection of exceptional imported roes from around the world. Order before 2PM EST Monday through Thursday and receive your shipment the next day. Orders received on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will be processed the following Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Storing your caviar is simple. Caviar should be kept in the bottom rear of the refrigerator, which is the coldest because it’s farthest from the door & heat rises. Caviar is good for 4-6 weeks unopened and three days after being opened. Shop Khavyar today and add elegance and sophistication to your next fine dining experience.


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