What to Drink with Caviar?

Patrick Brown

Imagine you're eating your favorite variety of caviar, filling your taste buds with the salty flavors of the ocean.

Perhaps you're dolloping your caviar onto a blini with crème fraîche or atop a boiled egg.

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The flavors are vividly exploding in your mouth and you're relishing the experience, and just as you are finishing a bite of your decadent snack, you reach for the ideal beverage to compliment your caviar.

What did you reach for?

If you're not sure which beverages pair best with caviar, fret not! We are here to provide insight into levelling up your caviar experience. 

Fundamental Flavors

Before we dive into the best beverages to pair with caviar, let's look at some of the basic flavors of caviar so we can understand why caviar pairs better with some beverages over others. 

This is important because understanding the fundamentals will let you to decide if a beverage would be a great pair to your decadent treat.

However, as you read this article, remember that this is in fact your experience, and you can experiment with or drink whatever you like with your caviar, these are just tips.

Caviar's Unique Flavor

Caviar Khavyar Online

Since caviar tends to be salty and oily, you want to consider what pairs with these flavors when selecting your drink. Many people enjoy drinks that harmonize with the fishy oils that encapsulate caviar. 

Crisp, dry, and sharp beverages tend to pair best with caviar, while sugary or heavy drinks tend to overwhelm and pollute the delicate notes of caviar.

With that in mind, different cultures have combined caviar with their traditional beverages to enhance and amplify the flavors of caviar.

Russian Traditions

In Russia, people have been drinking vodka for centuries. It is a high-quality and popular product that comes with the requirement to have some snacks after each glassful. Salty food items like fish or caviar pair well due their strong taste, which can be overwhelming on your palate if not paired correctly in this case.

Caviar Khavyar Online

Vodka makes a brilliant palette-cleanser between bites which is especially useful if you're serving different varieties of caviar.

Make sure to chill your vodka (around 4 hours at least) before serving, and make sure you are properly storing and serving your caviar as well.

European Traditions

When caviar made it's debut in France, a new tradition was born. The French identified the fishy oils and salty flavors of caviar and decided that the perfect accompanying beverage would be clean, crisp, dry, and bubbly.


Khavyar Caviar Champagne

Yes, we're talking about Champagne. Not only does the countering flavors dance swimmingly with each other, but elegant champagne flutes make a great visual accompaniment to caviar as well!

If you're acquiring champagne for your next caviar escapade, go for the brut and extra-brut varieties to avoid added sugars and sweetness.

Sparkling Wines (other than Champagne)

Outside of Champagne, there are a number of sparkling wines that are ideal companions to caviar. Even though all Champagne is essentially sparkling wine, not all sparkling wines are Champagnes.

Spanish Cava and Italian Prosecco are great choices to try pairing with your caviar.

Rosé could also be a great contender for a caviar compliment (and many other types of seafood as well), especially if you tend to lean towards the drier side.

Dessert Wine / Sherry

Typically, sweeter beverages are not recommended for caviar accompaniment, but some people enjoy the exciting contrast that happens when you combine these sweeter wine varieties with caviar.

The most intense and refreshing flavors of caviars could be a great match for sweet wines like Sherry, depending on your preferences.

The salty caviar balances out the sweetness in Sherry so if this sounds like something you'd enjoy, why not give it a try?

Other Wines

Wine pairings don't necessarily have to be sparkling for you to have a stellar experience with caviar, there are non-sparkling varieties that pair well with caviar!

Red wine, however, tends to be full-bodied and full of tannins, so you don't typically see a lot of red wines paired with caviar for this reason, but if you are committed to your red wine, opt for an exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Gamay that will not overpower the caviar.

With a refreshing and elegant character, Sauvignon Blanc will be an excellent companion for the rich flavors of caviar. The fresh herbal notes present in it are accentuated by citrus zest that adds depth while still maintaining some salinity from caviar. 

French dry white wines such as Chenin Blanc or Blaufrankisch provide just enough sweetness without being cloying.

Caviar Khavyar Drink Pairing


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So, now that you know which drinks pair best with caviar, you can combine your favorites to create a unique experience for you and your guests to savor!

We've got you covered on the caviar, you can browse our premium selections of roes from imported to domestic, we also have blinis and other caviar accompaniments available.

If you're shopping for a special someone's gift, why not look into our Khavyar Gift Cards or even our Khavyar Gift Sets

Our online caviar store has everything you need for an unforgettable caviar experience!

Whether it's a formal dinner party you're planning or enjoying some alone-time with a snack, look no further than Khavyar to deliver the finest caviar products right to your door!

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Why You Should Buy Caviar Online.

Patrick Brown
Buying caviar online is faster, fresher & cheaper. 

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6 Different Types of Caviar

Patrick Brown

There are many different types of caviar, but all share one common trait – they are a luxurious treat. Among all of the varieties, there is sure to be a type of caviar that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you're a caviar beginner or a seasoned expert, this article will teach you about some of the different types of caviar out there and help you decide which one is right for you. We'll cover:

  1. Osetra Caviar
  2. Beluga Caviar
  3. Siberian Sturgeon Caviar
  4. Wild-Caught Caviar
  5. Farm-Raised Caviar
  6. Salmon Caviar

1. Osetra Caviar

Osetra caviar Khavyar shop online

Osetra is one of the most treasured types of caviar originating around the Caspian Sea.

Osetra is known for nutty and bold flavors. This variety features a pleasant burst that shares some of the sea's more pronounced characteristics with them and their eggs generally vary in color from dark brown or olive to black. 

Khavyar's Osetra caviar offerings feature different types of sizes & grades of Osetra from 30g (1oz) to 1kg (2.2 lbs), and also in several different gift box sets.

2. Beluga Caviar

In the world of caviar, Beluga sturgeon is considered to be one of the finest choices of caviar. Their large size and luxurious flavor makes them stand out for those who love caviar or simply want an exceptional experience.

The most expensive Beluga caviar in the world comes from 60-to-100 year old sturgeons. However, overall Beluga prices are entrenched in scarcity & limited supply which is now almost exclusively farmed overseas.  This scarcity is a result of centuries of high demand & consequent overfishing which lead to CITES, which is discussed below.

Beluga caviar shop online Khavyar

Khavyar’s Beluga caviar is sustainably farmed in Italy, and thus not affected by import restrictions. This allows for a healthier population of wild sturgeon to remain within the region's ecosystem without being overfished or threatened with extinction. It does not contribute towards their destruction!

3. Siberian Caviar

Siberian Sturgeon caviar shop online Khavyar

Siberian or baerii caviar are freshwater sturgeon known for their deliciously delicate roe. Wild sturgeons are considered to be endangered, but farming them can help preserve the species. The black caviar that these fish produce is rich in flavor and has been found by scientists to have health benefits for humans too!

Farming operations across Europe and America have seen an increase with countries such as France or Uruguay maintaining their status as leaders among producers; however other locations like Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, the U.S. are committed to sustainable fishing methods and preserving the wild population of these sought-after fish.

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4. Wild-Caught Caviar

In the United States, wild caviar is primarily spoonbill, also known as paddlefish, hackleback & bowfin (amia calva) Roughly 80% of all caviar is farm raised. The remaining 20% are wild-caught, and closely monitored by the IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature). Wild-caught caviar is still a valuable commodity.

In some cases, the fishing and harvesting of roe from these species is a rich and time-honored part of the locality. For example, Paddlefish roe is harvested from wild populations in the United States with many local organizations spreading information about sustainable fishing practices and keeping a close eye on the waterways to ensure these populations are not overfished.

The wild-caught caviar industry is now environmentally responsible and sustainable because it has better regulations. Khavyar and its partners are committed to providing world-class caviar in an environmentally responsible manner. In conjunction with like-minded farms and fisheries, responsible harvesting of caviar from the wild ensures that this rare delicacy can be enjoyed both in the present, and for future generations to come.

5. Farm-Raised Caviar

Centuries of overfishing, smuggling & illegal trade has caused worldwide sturgeon populations to dwindle.  Most significantly impacted was the beluga industry, in specific, where once densely populated regions are now scarce & closely guarded.

Today, the majority of the caviar market consists of farm raised stock.  The exact number or percentage is unavailable because of the local & decentralized nature of the fishing & farming communities worldwide.  Any true number would be an estimate.

The rise in aqua farms is and has been due to the CITES treaty which originated in the 1960’s.  CITES stands for the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species.  It was officially enacted into law in 1973 and has continued to gain international growth & momentum along with the strength & authority of the WTO, its governing body.

Today, international shipping of caviar is closely monitored, scrutinized & regulated.  “Violations involve border crossings and the harvesting, transport, handling, sale, or possession of live specimens...  The maximum penalty is a 7 year prison sentence and an unlimited fine”.

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Farms & aquaculture have led to innovation & many advancements in the caviar industry.  For example, Khavyar’s Beluga Siberian caviar boasts all the rich, full flavor of Huso Huso roe, while being farm-raised in Italy as a hybrid. Similarly, Khavyar’s Imperial Prime caviar is harvested from a hybrid breed that fuses the freshwater Kaluga sturgeon with the Japanese sturgeon to create a caviar with very large pearls and a striking mélange of golden-amber hues.

For example, Khavyar’s Beluga Siberian caviar boasts all the rich, full flavor of Huso Huso roe, despite being farm-raised in Italy as a hybrid breed. Similarly, Khavyar’s Imperial Prime caviar is harvested from a hybrid breed that fuses the freshwater Kaluga sturgeon with the Japanese sturgeon to create a caviar with very large pearls and a striking mélange of golden-amber hues.

Even though all of our farm-raised caviar sources are unique, Khavyar is committed to upholding an unparalleled level of quality and sustainability. 

6. Salmon Caviar

salmon caviar shop online Khavyar

In a world of luxurious eggs, salmon caviar stands out as one that is not only affordable but also visually striking & has an unforgettable flavor. Salmon caviar, also known as red caviar, is a variety of non-sturgeon roe. From the Atlantic to Pacific and river varieties or even farmed fish – this small yet rich layer offers something special in every batch.

Salmon caviar is the ultimate food for any lover of omega-3s, with touted benefits like: diminished stiffness and joint pain; lowering risk heart disease. It's no wonder that this caviar is known as a "superfood" by some.

Outside of general health benefits, caviar is also helpful for sparking romance. There are many sex benefits of caviar to be enjoyed thanks to the nutritional value of caviar as it was long touted for a boost in virility. 

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Shop Caviar Online with Khavyar

So, you're looking for an indulgent snack that is sure to impress... why not try some delicious caviar? You won't regret it!

Khavyar offers an array of options for your next caviar adventure, from domestically-sourced caviar to imported varieties.

Caviar: The Perfect Gift

Brainstorming gift ideas for a caviar connoisseur? Shopping for caviar online comes with many benefits. We've got you covered with everything you need to include in a caviar gift set, or shop our caviar gift cards so you'll know they'll get exactly what they want.

With such a wide range of of caviar available- each with their own unique flavors and textures, you'll never want to host another dinner party or soiree without it again!

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How Long Does Caviar Last?

Patrick Brown

Caviar lasts 3 to 4 weeks max unopened in your your refrigerator. Store it at the bottom rear of your refrigerator which is the coldest.  Once opened, your caviar is good for 2 to 3 days, then it’s time to discard it.

Caviar is an exquisite food that brings excitement and luxury to any occasion. It creates an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance wherever it is served, so it goes without saying that it is very important to be mindful of the caviar you are serving: is it fresh? has it been refrigerated and handled properly?

Caviar Khavyar

Whether you're hosting a party or simply enjoying caviar by yourself, serving spoiled caviar should be avoided at all costs because outside of the change in taste and texture, it could cause illness.

Understanding the shelf-life of caviar and how to properly manage your caviar collection helps you to be able to enjoy your favorite caviar to the highest degree and prevent foodborne sickness.

It's worth noting that caviar served on ice only lasts for two hours if left out and one hour once ice at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Serving Your Caviar

Enjoying the decadence of caviar is an experience that elevates the atmosphere it is served in, so serving it properly helps to create a more delightful experience.

Leave caviar unpacked or unopened until it's needed. For best resultsremove from the refrigerator 10 minutes before serving.

Caviar Khavyar

Keep the caviar in its original container on top of a bowl of crushed ice if it's going to be served buffet style. This will keep it fresh while also allowing your dinner guests an opportunity to read the label and learn more about the caviar variety and where it comes from.

Again, it's worth noting that caviar only lasts for two hours served on ice if left out and one hour at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Planning Your Next Caviar Experience

Caviar Khavyar

Thinking ahead in terms of portions, arrangement, and storage of your next caviar adventure will go a long way to help you get the most of your experience.

Caviar is a rich, elegant delicacy that is also extremely perishable, so keeping the tips and suggestions offered in the article in mind will make sure that the next time you serve caviar, it's as fresh and delectable as can be.

Buy Caviar Online

Your next caviar adventure could be just around the corner! When you shop caviar online with Khavyar, your order is shipped right to your door for your convenience.

Click below to peruse our imported and domestic caviar collections plus our premium caviar accompaniments to complete your next dinner party, soiree, or midnight snack!


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Caviar - A Super Food

Patrick Brown
Caviar has always been known as a luxurious delicacy- a rarity that is reserved for those who hold wealth, power, and significance in society, but today we are seeing people enjoy caviar for the health benefits.

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What Is Amuse Bouche?


Caviar Director

Simple.  It is an appetite stimulant, a French term that means a little bit of food.   An hors d'œuvre is an example.  They are not appetizers because they are not ordered, but are presented by the chef or host.

A selection of fine quality caviar is a great way to treat your guests to memorable amuse-bouche.


Be creative in your pairing presentations – simple blinis are timeless - add deviled eggs, salmon, trout.  Don’t forget garnishes.  Not only are fish eggs full of nutrient dense super foods, but caviar is also an essential ingredient for extravagant eye pleasing presentations that exhilarate the atmosphere.

Patrick Brown, CEO of KHAVYAR, is passionate about his commitment to exceptional caviar. “Caviar is confident, elegant and the perfect, decadent addition to your holiday presentation,” he says. “It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways—paired with a classic blini and crème fraiche or on top of a lobster roll—and always adds a level of sophistication to each dish.”

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Caviar for Father's Day - The Gift He Actually Wants

Caviar Director

“He” already has all the neck ties that he likes & will wear; they were selected with suits he purchased. 

“He” doesn’t want cologne.  “She” does.

If you purchase anything for his “shop”, you’re the tool. 

Get him booze & caviar. 

The quick & easy way to determine how much caviar you’ll need is easy – 1oz or 30 grams for every 2 people.  Obviously, if you have enthusiasts, you’ll want to consider more & additional varieties.

For the unassuming Father who might criticize how much you spent on a gift, we suggest something domestic.  These are great choices…

  • $38 - Spoonbill American – Wild caught from Alabama, rich & creamy notes of Osetra
  • $49 Hackleback – Wild caught Kentucky, rich & robust, deep black berries
  • $52 American White Sturgeon – Farmed, rich brown black egges, creamy rich clean finish like Osetra
  • $190 Royal White Sturgeon – Farmed, exceptional size coloration from slate to black, clean flavor similar to an exceptional Osetra

Imported varieties are more outspoken. These are some to consider…

  • $129 Giaveri Siberian – Italy – medium grains, brown to black, rich & slightly briny flavor comparable to Sevruga
  • $148 Giaveri Osetra – Italy – rich golden brown, nutty, fruity flavor.
  • $148 Siberian Gold – Belgium – black pearls, larger than most Siberian caviars, buttery with hints of sweetness
  • $184 Osetra Belgian – Belgium – medium sized olive to dark olive in color, distinct nutty flavor, fantastic mouth feel.

For a little conversation with your caviar, here are some historical facts:

  • People looking for things to talk & write about trace Father’s day back to the discovery of a 4,000-year-old stone tablet from the ruins of Babylon. A boy called Elmesu carved a stone wishing his father good health & a long life.
  • Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated the first Father’s Day in the U.S. in Washington state on June 19, 1910 after getting the idea from a special sermon at her church honoring mothers.
  • 1924 - President Calvin Coolidge recommended to Congress that Father's Day become a national holiday
  • Lyndon B. Johnson finally designated the third Sunday in June as Father's Day by executive order in 1966
  • Congress finally recognized Father's Day as an official national holiday during the Nixon administration in 1972

When you buy, don’t forget the accompaniments.  You’ll need spoons, blini & crème fraiche. 

Take in the full complexity of flavors by first tasting a small spoonful of the tiny eggs. Always use a Mother of Pearl spoon since metal will tarnish its delicate flavors. With premium quality caviar, balance out the mild saltiness with a dollop of smooth and tangy crème fraiche and add a sprig of dill for a vibrant dash of aromatics.

Show your appreciation for fatherly guidance and paternal wisdom with a selection of the finest import & domestic roe and everything you need for an authentic tasting.

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A Pound of Caviar & Fried Chicken

Patrick Brown

Sound crazy?  Yes. 

But that didn’t stop Celebrity Chef David Chang from pulling out this magic trick at Momofuku Noodle Bar in July. 

This sounds like the type of dinner party & presentation that's beyond your reach.  It’s not.  It may be the easiest event you’ve ever hosted.  What’s even better is the fact that it dresses up or down to your specific event – cocktail or tailgate – it’s impressive.

The portions are typically 1 Whole Fried Chicken to 500g of Amia Calva.  Which is, of course, 1.1lbs of caviar.

If you’ve have not fried a whole bird, Bon Appétit has this recipe to use as a guideline.  You can season the bird to taste.  Some of our favorite seasonings are from Cajun Injector.  This particular one provides the right amount of flour, seasoning & flavor for a crispy taste that grabs the caviar.

Wine – lean on the white, dry side.  If you have no preference, you can go by a sliding scale of wines to fit the formality of your event - Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling to Chardonnay & Champagne. 

Beer. If you don’t have a favorite, lagers are crisp & refreshing with a smoother finish.

Booze.  You’re on your own.  Fried chicken makes this anyone’s choice.

As for your presentation & sides, the options here are limitless.  Crepes, homemade sauces, stuffed celery, cucumber & salmon roe all make eye catching, mouthwatering selections for any assortment of picky eaters. 

But everyone loves fried chicken.

And everyone will remember this party.  Because love it or hate it, everyone remembers the party that has caviar.  It’s like a social bookmark. 

Can you name the last caviar party you went to?

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The Best Oyster Bars in America

Caviar Director1 comment

The Best Oyster Bars in America

The beginning of fall doesn’t just signal a shift to cooler temperatures— it’s also the beginning of oyster season. Though there are countless ways to enjoy these delicious molluscs, the start of the season is a prime time to partake of the raw, chilled oysters you’ll find at America’s best oyster bars— whether you prefer them with a spritz of lemon or a bit of house-made cocktail sauce, you’re sure to be treated to a delicious evening at these locales.


Northeast: Maison Premiere, New York

While Grand Central’s oyster bar may be the most famous in the city (and remains a classic spot for channeling Mad Men vibes), the swanky Brooklyn-based Maison Premiere is an intimate alternative far too good to pass up. Paying homage to the Parisian and New Orleanian, Maison Premiere offers the city’s largest Absinthe list— no small feat in Francophilic New York. The restaurant boasts 30 types of oysters, as well as seafood “plateaus” that offer an eclectic mix of shellfish— “la grande plateau” even comes with caviar.


South: Casamento’s, New Orleans

In a town that likes to enjoy oysters year-round (a luxury afforded by the warm waters of the Gulf), it speaks volumes that New Orleanians wait patiently all summer while this time-honored institution is closed. Casamento’s reopens every September at the beginning of the “season”, showing off an unchanged (and rightly so) menu of centuries-old favorites. Whether you opt for raw oysters or Casamento’s poached oyster stew, this iconic, intricately tiled eatery never disappoints, and is the ideal place to spend a long afternoon with a drink in hand.


Midwest: GT Fish & Oyster, Chicago

Led by a Michelin-Starred chef, GT Fish & Oyster is a far more swanky affair than its straightforward name implies. Bridging the line between traditional and modern, GT’s raw oysters (sourced from both coasts) are offered with cucumber cocktail sauce or ponzu mignonette— far from your average fare. The atmosphere, which is described as “fisherman’s cottage-meets-yacht”, neatly mimics the hybrid dishes you’ll find there. Depart from the oyster menu, if you so choose, with squid-ink gnocchi or braised baby octopus to keep with the nautical theme.


West: The Walrus and the Carpenter, Seattle

An informal-yet-thoughtful vibe makes this neighborhood joint a local favorite. A rotating menu of Pacific Northwest-sourced raw oysters is served (with a handy cheat-sheet) alongside house-made sausage, fresh-baked bread, and other delightfully unassuming dishes. Looking for a different way to enjoy your oysters? “The Walrus”, as it’s known to locals, also offers fried oysters served with a cilantro aioli— their striking gin-cured salmon, too, is not to be missed. Enjoy it after sipping on one of the bar’s enticing gin-based artisanal cocktails, like the intriguingly named, grapefruit-tinged “jewel of denial”.

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Wild Caught Caviar - Learn About Wild Caviar

Caviar Director

wild caught caviar

Though farmed caviar has become popular in recent years after over-fishing critically depleted some imported caviar varieties, some types of caviar are still harvested form the wild. Wild-caught caviar varieties continue to thrive due to an attractive combination of accessibility, fine flavor, and domestic availability. The harvesting of wild sturgeons (and other fish) is widely accepted for those breeds that are not currently facing environmental threats, a status which is defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. One such variety is the Shovelnose Sturgeon, which make their homes in the waters of many states, including Illinois and Kentucky— these and many other fish native to North America can still be responsibly wild-caught and harvested for their roe.

Khavyar’s wild-caught roe offerings range from Amia caviar, harvested from the bowfin fish that populate North America’s freshwater habitats in the Great Lakes and Gulf regions, to Spoonbill caviar, which originates in Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee. These fish, along with Golden Whitefish and the Shovelnose Sturgeon, can be harvested from the wild without disrupting or endangering future generations of the species. Because these fish are plentiful and have not been categorized as threatened or endangered, they are sourced directly from their natural habitats.

In some cases, the fishing and harvesting of roe from these species is a rich and time-honored part of the locality. Paddlefish roe, for instance, has long been a part of the fishing culture in Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee, with many local organizations spreading information about sustainable fishing practices and keeping a close eye on the waterways to ensure these populations are not overfished. Though this paddlefish caviar is harvested responsibly from the wild, it bears a striking resemblance to Caspian sturgeon caviar— a population who has been repeatedly depleted by overfishing—without the environmental toll.

Though the term wild-caught caviar once was synonymous with overfishing, the caviar industry has now entered a new age of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Through local, state and even international regulations that dictate what fish can be wild-caught and in what quantities, greater focus is put on the impact of caviar. Khavyar and its partners are committed to providing world-class caviar in an environmentally responsible manner. In conjunction with like-minded farms and fisheries, responsible harvesting of caviar from the wild ensures that this rare delicacy can be enjoyed both in the present, and for future generations to come.

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