Our finest curated box sets—for any occasion

Caviar Gift Sets

One never forgets their first foray into caviar. Our curated caviar gift sets deliver a premium experience complete with a selection of our finest domestic and imported caviars, plus everything that is needed to enjoy them— two mother-of-pearl spoons, a traditional, time-honored tool that’s the gold standard for caviar tasting. Whereas commonplace serve ware contains materials that may adversely affect the delicate taste of the caviar, mother-of-pearl is prized for its neutral profile, birthed by aquatic life just like the caviar pearls it carries. For caviar connoisseurs and newcomers alike, a caviar gift box offers the complete, luxurious experience.

Whether you’re searching for an indulgent gift or looking for a unique introduction to the distinctive types of caviar, our caviar sampler gift sets are an ideal option. Presented in a stately black gift box, these sets are ready to give— for life’s biggest occasions and any day that deserves an extra air of indulgence. Be the one to introduce the time-honored culture of caviar or show a trusted associate or friend that they deserve the best. Even small victories feel grandiose when celebrated over caviar. No matter the occasion, this uncommon gift will leave an impression beyond words and speak volumes about both the giver and recipient.

With a wide selection of options to choose from, a caviar gift set is an infallible, trusted gift option for every occasion. Give caviar with confidence— we’ve taken the guesswork out of gifting by selecting options that naturally pair well. From simple sampler sets that showcase three of our classic domestic caviars, to premium boxes featuring our imported offerings, caviar gift boxes can be adapted for any size of celebration. Present a single gift box for your recipient to enjoy at their leisure, or up the ante by gifting caviar along with one of our caviar complements to bolster an instant party atmosphere that will elevate the occasion. Unlike other luxury products, caviar is both a gift and an experience with the ability to transform the night into an event to be remembered.

While we’ve designed these curated caviar gift sets specifically with gifting in mind, be warned: some find it almost impossible to part with these luxurious box sets once they arrive. We advise ordering an additional set to keep for yourself, ready to transform your day into an occasion worthy of celebration.