6 Different Types of Caviar

6 Different Types of Caviar

Patrick Brown

There are many different types of caviar, but all share one common trait – they are a luxurious treat. Among all of the varieties, there is sure to be a type of caviar that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you're a caviar beginner or a seasoned expert, this article will teach you about some of the different types of caviar out there and help you decide which one is right for you. We'll cover:

  1. Osetra Caviar
  2. Beluga Caviar
  3. Siberian Sturgeon Caviar
  4. Wild-Caught Caviar
  5. Farm-Raised Caviar
  6. Salmon Caviar

1. Osetra Caviar

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Osetra is one of the most treasured types of caviar originating around the Caspian Sea.

Osetra is known for nutty and bold flavors. This variety features a pleasant burst that shares some of the sea's more pronounced characteristics with them and their eggs generally vary in color from dark brown or olive to black. 

Khavyar's Osetra caviar offerings feature different types of sizes & grades of Osetra from 30g (1oz) to 1kg (2.2 lbs), and also in several different gift box sets.

2. Beluga Caviar

In the world of caviar, Beluga sturgeon is considered to be one of the finest choices of caviar. Their large size and luxurious flavor makes them stand out for those who love caviar or simply want an exceptional experience.

The most expensive Beluga caviar in the world comes from 60-to-100 year old sturgeons. However, overall Beluga prices are entrenched in scarcity & limited supply which is now almost exclusively farmed overseas.  This scarcity is a result of centuries of high demand & consequent overfishing which lead to CITES, which is discussed below.

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Khavyar’s Beluga caviar is sustainably farmed in Italy, and thus not affected by import restrictions. This allows for a healthier population of wild sturgeon to remain within the region's ecosystem without being overfished or threatened with extinction. It does not contribute towards their destruction!

3. Siberian Caviar

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Siberian or baerii caviar are freshwater sturgeon known for their deliciously delicate roe. Wild sturgeons are considered to be endangered, but farming them can help preserve the species. The black caviar that these fish produce is rich in flavor and has been found by scientists to have health benefits for humans too!

Farming operations across Europe and America have seen an increase with countries such as France or Uruguay maintaining their status as leaders among producers; however other locations like Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, the U.S. are committed to sustainable fishing methods and preserving the wild population of these sought-after fish.

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4. Wild-Caught Caviar

In the United States, wild caviar is primarily spoonbill, also known as paddlefish, hackleback & bowfin (amia calva) Roughly 80% of all caviar is farm raised. The remaining 20% are wild-caught, and closely monitored by the IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature). Wild-caught caviar is still a valuable commodity.

In some cases, the fishing and harvesting of roe from these species is a rich and time-honored part of the locality. For example, Paddlefish roe is harvested from wild populations in the United States with many local organizations spreading information about sustainable fishing practices and keeping a close eye on the waterways to ensure these populations are not overfished.

The wild-caught caviar industry is now environmentally responsible and sustainable because it has better regulations. Khavyar and its partners are committed to providing world-class caviar in an environmentally responsible manner. In conjunction with like-minded farms and fisheries, responsible harvesting of caviar from the wild ensures that this rare delicacy can be enjoyed both in the present, and for future generations to come.

5. Farm-Raised Caviar

Centuries of overfishing, smuggling & illegal trade has caused worldwide sturgeon populations to dwindle.  Most significantly impacted was the beluga industry, in specific, where once densely populated regions are now scarce & closely guarded.

Today, the majority of the caviar market consists of farm raised stock.  The exact number or percentage is unavailable because of the local & decentralized nature of the fishing & farming communities worldwide.  Any true number would be an estimate.

The rise in aqua farms is and has been due to the CITES treaty which originated in the 1960’s.  CITES stands for the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species.  It was officially enacted into law in 1973 and has continued to gain international growth & momentum along with the strength & authority of the WTO, its governing body.

Today, international shipping of caviar is closely monitored, scrutinized & regulated.  “Violations involve border crossings and the harvesting, transport, handling, sale, or possession of live specimens...  The maximum penalty is a 7 year prison sentence and an unlimited fine”.

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Farms & aquaculture have led to innovation & many advancements in the caviar industry.  For example, Khavyar’s Beluga Siberian caviar boasts all the rich, full flavor of Huso Huso roe, while being farm-raised in Italy as a hybrid. Similarly, Khavyar’s Imperial Prime caviar is harvested from a hybrid breed that fuses the freshwater Kaluga sturgeon with the Japanese sturgeon to create a caviar with very large pearls and a striking mélange of golden-amber hues.

For example, Khavyar’s Beluga Siberian caviar boasts all the rich, full flavor of Huso Huso roe, despite being farm-raised in Italy as a hybrid breed. Similarly, Khavyar’s Imperial Prime caviar is harvested from a hybrid breed that fuses the freshwater Kaluga sturgeon with the Japanese sturgeon to create a caviar with very large pearls and a striking mélange of golden-amber hues.

Even though all of our farm-raised caviar sources are unique, Khavyar is committed to upholding an unparalleled level of quality and sustainability. 

6. Salmon Caviar

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In a world of luxurious eggs, salmon caviar stands out as one that is not only affordable but also visually striking & has an unforgettable flavor. Salmon caviar, also known as red caviar, is a variety of non-sturgeon roe. From the Atlantic to Pacific and river varieties or even farmed fish – this small yet rich layer offers something special in every batch.

Salmon caviar is the ultimate food for any lover of omega-3s, with touted benefits like: diminished stiffness and joint pain; lowering risk heart disease. It's no wonder that this caviar is known as a "superfood" by some.

Outside of general health benefits, caviar is also helpful for sparking romance. There are many sex benefits of caviar to be enjoyed thanks to the nutritional value of caviar as it was long touted for a boost in virility. 

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