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Giaveri White Sturgeon Caviar

$ 110.00
  • Species: Acipenser transmontanus
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Environment: Farmed
  • Location: Italy

This Giaveri White caviar is harvested from Caviar Giaveri’s private stock of white sturgeons (Acipenser transmontanus), a breed native to North America but farmed internationally for its sought-after roe.

White sturgeon caviar is iconic in appearance, combining an enticing jet-back color with firm, medium-sized pearls. A creamy, rich taste with just a hint of saltiness leads seamlessly into a clean, crisp finish.

Khavyar’s Giaveri White caviar is sustainably farmed in Italy at Caviar Giaveri’s exceptional farms. Though not natively found outside of North America, Caviar Giaveri has recreated the white sturgeon’s natural environment with painstaking detail to yield the best possible maturation of each sturgeon. Waters from rivers and geothermal wells are monitored for temperature, while a specific diet is strictly adhered to as to create the most favorable balance for each sturgeon. Once harvested, roe is immediately preserved at a controlled temperature to ensure the highest quality of caviar on the market.

Commonly compared to a fine Beluga caviar, Giaveri White can be served simply to best introduce its unique and subtle flavors. As with any fine caviar, Giaveri White can be enjoyed from the chilled tin, straight from a mother-of-pearl spoon . Or, choose to present Giaveri white caviar on blini , cold boiled potatoes, or even atop hard-boiled eggs for an even more flavorful delicacy.