Guide to Caviar Accompaniments

Guide to Caviar Accompaniments 

Experience the decadent flavors of premium fish roe with a variety of classic pairings worthy of a czar.

Guide to Caviar Accompaniments

Blini: A tradition borrowed from Old World Russia, caviar is typically served on blini, which are thin mini pancakes traditionally made from buckwheat flour.

  • Caviar note: In the early days, Russia would hold races where people would run as they jolted a blini.
  • A bit of history: The origins of Blini’s can be traced back to ancient times when it was made from oat jelly that was fried to make a thick, flat cake.

Crème fraiche: Made from fresh cultured cream from a local dairy, this exquisitely rich complement is ideal for balancing the mild saltiness of caviar with its creaminess and tart flavor.

  • Caviar note: Following the European tradition, cream is separated from the milk, which creates a smooth cultured cream.
  • A bit of history: Crème fraiche has its origins in Isigny-sur-Mer, a commune in the Calvados region of Normandy, France.

*For a true epicurean experience: Savor a small teaspoon of caviar on its own to experience its full range of flavors. 

Wine and Spirit Pairings:

  • Vodka- Its subtle flavor cleanses the palate and allows the complexity of caviar to prevail.

Suggested  brands: Stoli, Jean Marc XO

  • Champagne and Sparkling Wine: When enjoying caviar, it is recommended to marry the flavors of caviar with a dry champagne such as a brut or extra-sec to cleanse the palate.

Mother-of-Pearl Spoon: Its neutralizing material preserves the natural flavors of caviar while metal spoons degrade the taste.

Caviar note: The iridescent luster in Mother-of-Pearl is a result of nacre material, which is made from thin platelets of calcium carbonate secreted by the mollusk.

  • Caviar 101: Gently spoon caviar out due to its delicate texture.
Indulge in a tantalizing delicacy, a sensory experience with the finest imported and domestic roes.

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